I have been involved in the creation of electronic music, almost exclusively with analogue instruments and techniques, since 1984. My first recorded outputs, initially released in the 1980s and 1990s as "WUR" [german translation of Karel Capek's drama "R.U.R. Rossum's Universal Robots"], were influenced by the live electronics scene of the 1970s, contemporary avantgarde composers like Karlheinz Stockhausen, Luciano Berio or Luigi Nono, the industrial and EM of the early 1980s [Einstürzende Neubauten, Coil, Nocturnal Emissions and Test Dept in particular] and mainly related to art video productions or conceived as soundscapes for art exhibitions and/or installations. My current, all-analog productions are filtered through a Krautrock / old-school ambient EM attitude, reminding more on artists like Conrad Schnitzler or early Kraftwerk. Beside composing i act as a field recording artist working on the ASKLA Project, an acoustic documentation / interpretation of the swiss territory. On a regular basis i also lecture and direct workshops on the analogue electronic music medium and from 1988 to 1991 i was art director of the electronic and contemporary music festival "L'Altro Suono", featuring the most representative swiss avantgarde groups and musicians like Unknownmix, Nachtluft, Ernst Thoma, Andres Bosshard, Andi Guhl, Norbert Moslang, Knut Remond, Stephan Wittwer, Karl ein Karl and many others.


Outputs as WUR [1984 - 1994]

"Lob der Grausamkeit", C18, 1984 [distributed by ADN Records Milano and Calypso Now, Biel]; "Lacrimae Christi", soundtrack for a video by Lorenzo Bianda about the swiss artist Mario Comensoli, 1986; "Stahlruine", C26, 1986 [distributed by ADN Records Milano and Calypso Now, Biel]; "Kn", ambients for an installation of swiss artist Franco Lafranca, 1987; "Memorie Magnetiche 1>4", C40, 1987; "Natalis Solis Invicti", mixed-media performance at Locarno high school, 1989; "Induratio Penis Plastica", live electronics at the happening "Obliquo in tenda", Locarno, 1989; "Klarismus", ambients for an exhibition of swiss artists Daniel Maillet, Gianmario Togni and Massimo Verzasconi at Museo Elisarion Minusio, 1990. "Chant/Höhenstille" for flute and ring modulator, Theatre of the Italian Embassy in Locarno, 1990; "Figurazioni siderali 1>9", for tape and ring modulator, at "L'Altro Suono 2" festival, Locarno, 1991; "All'inferno non bruciano", mixed-media performance, slaughterhouse of Locarno, 1991; "Analog Technodelia, for tape and live electronics, at "Sabbione '94", Val Bavona, 1994; "Kindertotenstimmen" for tape and ring modulator, art gallery SUBS, Locarno, 1994.

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