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The Analogue Synthesizer Workshop

On a regular basis, i organize synthesizer workshops in Southern Switzerland. Each workshop is limited to max. 40 participants. Media: laptop and beamer [screenshow], a modular synthesizer, PA system. Themes and topics: A brief history of electronic music [the early synthesizers and electronic music studios, 1950s - 1960s]. The modern age: from avantgarde to popular Electronica. Instruments and manufacturers: the early electronic instruments [1930s - 1940s]; modern voltage controlled synthesizers [Bob Moog and Don Buchla]; commercial manufacturers [1970s to present]. The neo-analogue Renaissance: why analogue? Discrete vs. integrated vs. digital circuits; the formats: Moog Modular clones, the Eurorack system, other formats; selected neo-analogue manufacturers; a guide to purchase: vintage or neo-analogue? The analogue synthesizer explained: modules and functions; basic modules, auxiliary and "expert" modules, analogue sequencers; external sound-processing devices: what's best? And finally: let's put your hands on the machines and play with a modular synthesizer.

The analogue synthesizer workshop 2017 [.PDF]


The Analogue Synthesizer Meeting Locarno

The first meeting of analogue synthesizers addicts in italian Switzerland was held in collaboration with Xilobis Smart Furniture on friday the 17. 01. 2014 in the conference room of the Biblioteca Cantonale in Locarno. It was a one day event (14.00 - 22.00) organized by Roberto Raineri-Seith with talks and demos on the topic "Electronic music and instruments from the 1950s to now". Guests and relators were Claudio Alge (Arp 2600, ARP 1613 sequencer, Moog Rogue); René Bossi (Eurorack modular); Giuseppe de Giacomi | halborgnone.ch (Korg MS10, MS20, SQ10); Roberto Raineri-Seith | controlvoltage.org (Minimoog D, Eurorack modular); Gianluca Ruggeri | 10111.org (Buchla modular). The next meeting is planned for autumn 2017 or spring 2018.

Invitation and program [.PDF, 2014 edition]



1998: first analogue synthesizer workshop in southern Switzerland

In collaboration with swiss designer Demian Conrad and the Artificio art & communication center in Bellinzona


Roberto Raineri-Seith, P.O. Box 404, CH-6601 Locarno 1

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