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The Analogue Synthesizer Workshop

On a irregular basis, i organize synthesizer workshops in southern Switzerland. Each workshop is limited to max. 20 participants. Media: laptop and beamer [screenshow], a modular synthesizer, PA system. Themes and topics: A brief history of electronic music [the early synthesizers and electronic music studios, 1950s - 1960s]. The modern age: from avantgarde to popular Electronica. Instruments and manufacturers: the early electronic instruments [1930 - 1940s]; modern voltage controlled synthesizers [Bob Moog and Don Buchla]; commercial manufacturers [1970s to present]. The neo-analogue Renaissance: why analogue? Discrete vs. integrated vs. digital circuits; the formats: Moog Modular clones, the Eurorack system, other formats; selected neo-analogue manufacturers; a guide to purchase: vintage or neo-analogue? The analogue synthesizer explained: modules and functions; basic modules, auxiliary and "expert" modules, analogue sequencers; external sound-processing devices: what's best? And finally: let's put your hands on the machines and play with a modular synthesizer.

The analogue synthesizer workshop 2017 [.PDF]


The Analogue Synthesizer Meeting Locarno

A meeting of analogue synthesizers addicts in italian Switzerland was held in january 2014 collaboration with Xilobis Smart Furniture in the conference room of the Biblioteca Cantonale in Locarno. It was a one day event (14.00 - 22.00) organized by Roberto Raineri-Seith with talks and demos on the topic "Electronic music and instruments from the 1950s to now". Guests and relators were Claudio Alge (Arp 2600, ARP 1613 sequencer, Moog Rogue); René Bossi (Eurorack modular); Giuseppe de Giacomi | halborgnone.ch (Korg MS10, MS20, SQ10); Roberto Raineri-Seith | controlvoltage.org (Minimoog D, Eurorack modular); Gianluca Ruggeri | 10111.org (Buchla modular). Due to the success, maybe there will be other editions in the future.

Invitation and program [.PDF, 2014 edition]



1998: my first analogue synthesizer workshop in southern Switzerland

In collaboration with swiss designer Demian Conrad and the Artificio art & communication center in Bellinzona


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