Instruments & sound sources from 1984 to present

Back in the mid-1980s, my first home-studio was equipped with a small Roland Studio 100 M modular system, an OSCar monosynth and a Yamaha DX7 synthesizer. Recording was done with an 8-track mixing console and a double-speed 4 track cassette tape recorder (both from Tascam), a Revox B77 reel to reel tape machine and some digital effect processors. As analogue synthesizers became affordable at very low prices in the late 1980s, a lot of wonderful sounding machines were added to the studio: up to 5 Minimoogs, a SCI Prophet-5, a EMS AKS, a Oberheim 4-Voice, a Yamaha CS-80 and CS-60, a PPG Wave 2.3 and a larger Roland System 100-M (25 modules) together with a Promars, a Jupiter-4 and a Jupiter-8. In 1989, Ernst Thoma, a very talented swiss avantgarde sound designer, composer and performer, built me a small custom Serge Modular clone that i often used for live electronics. Currently a Moog Model 15, a Roland System 100, a 5U modular (Mos-Lab / Synth-Werk) and a small 3U Eurorack modular represent the main sound sources. Digital equipment is used for recording and sound editing only.

Complete list of the studio equipment used as WUR between 1982 and 1993