Eurorack 904-A VCF: buy the production files for DIY assembly for only 25 (PayPal or Bank transfer)

The 904-A VCF is a 14HP Eurorack-format clone of the legendary low pass filter from the Moog modular series, matching the original design and produced for personal use in traditional THT mounting and soldering process with discrete components. For sale are only the production files for the PCB (Altium / Gerber) and the frontplate (.fpd for Front Panel Express / Schaeffer AG) and the component list (Excel). PLEASE NOTE that this is a project for experts (calibration, transistors pair matching). Orders and inquiries: controlvoltage [at] bluewin [dot] ch.


TheWarp analogue synthesizer (ARP 2600 clone / reinterpretation): the complete production files are available for sale (price on demand)

TheWarp is a modern hardware reinterpretation of the legendary ARP 2600 semimodular synthesizer. Developed in 2014 by swiss electronic engineer and former Gotthard keyboardist Neil Otupacca with my consultancy, it is based on the original schematics and interely built with analogue components in traditional THT mounting and soldering process. Redesigned to fit within the standard 19" rack size, the actual instrument retains the graphic design, the size of the sections and feel of the original. Originally planned for series production with an estimated sale price around 3000 , the project was abandoned because the minimum expected number of 50 pre-orders wasn't reached, but i believe it ought to be launched on the market, so the production files are available for sale to anyone interested to manufacture and sell it under his name / brand. Please go for further details.


Roberto Raineri-Seith: Il sintetizzatore analogico - modelli, caratteristiche e possibilità dal neo-analogico al vintage, 47 pp. formato B5, 2a ed. riveduta e aggiornata

Il sintetizzatore analogico [free download]